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EBI – Version 8 release

EBI – Version 8 release

A new Release of EnhancedBI has been released.

This is Version 8.0

It contains a number of new features as well as updates to existing features.


– We have added support for multiple browser tabs to all areas of the product – you will see the ‘Open in a new Tab’ text where this is possible

An explicit “Open in new tab” option has been added to:

– Dictionaries

– EPs

– Views

– LPs

– User Process

– Dynamic Views (was already present)

– HomeScreen

Also, the ability to open hyperlinks in a separate tab has been added to some additional areas as well – without an explicit “Open in new tab” option. You can open hyperlinks using a Middle / Right Mouse Click in these areas:

– Maintain Users and Profiles

– the “New” and “Design LP” links in EP Designer

– the “New” and “Design EP” links in LP Designer

– the HomeScreen link in the header of every screen

– the “Last used LP” link in EP Designer

– the “Last used LP” link in LP Designer

– the Change Role tiles

– the EBI Logo image

– ML models

– We have enhanced the speed of opening Dynamic Views from within the Home Screen

– We have added the ability to open items in a new browser tab from within the Search screen
– We have enhanced accessing User Profiles on systems with Professional roles only

– We have added the ability to send an EBI Notify message to all users assigned to the given Message Category and given Message Location

– We have added the ability for Custom Processes to report detailed execution results as well as live progress details

– We have enhanced error handling of file downloads
– We have enhanced the speed of opening Home Screen Tiles


For more detailed information on any of these, have a look at either the online product manual, or the EBI Academy