Enhanced Business Information

EBI For Industry

EnhancedBI allows companies to understand their business from the very start of the process to the very end, Using EnhancedBI alongside production systems allows you to keep track of what items are at which stage of manufacture, time taken to manufacture and much more. This allows our customers to be better prepared for the future, no matter what happens.

EBI Software offer several varied solutions to aid you in your production process.

EnhancedBI Manufacturing

Allow your data to work for you!

EnhancedBI Machine Learning allows for advanced prediction models which serve only to benefit your company. This includes the abililty to predict how long the manufacture of a certain product will take or predicting busy/quiet periods to allow for preparation and much more.

Dynamic Views

Incorporating Dynamic Views into business information reports allows companies to quickly and easily create beautiful reporting visuals.

These Dynamic Views can range from a complete overview of your company down to the specific, detailed information, with the ability to drill-down through the layers of data that you specify.

Data Connections

EnhancedBI connects to any data source used by your company, this can include Databases, Accounting Software, Scheduling software and others.

These data connections allow our customers to see the entire scope of their business from a single screen.

What's Included?

Here at EBI, we aim to provide a tailored solution that caters to every aspect of your business. This goes from the very start of the operation to the very last step. These tailored solutions allow our customers to see every aspect of their business in the way that they want to see it. This can be done through reports to Excel, Dynamic Views and others.

We aim to provide an easy to use solution and with our Online Academy, you can learn how to use EnhancedBI at any time.


Using EnhancedBI aids in streamlining distribution networks by allowing you to see exactly what is happening, as soon as the information arrives. This has helped many clients save money in various ways, from changing routes to save on fuel to avoiding duplicate delivery destinations.

No matter what information you need, EnhancedBI can provide it with ease.

Dynamic View Maps

The Map visual within EnhancedBI is good for comparing your location information against a dataset. You can use either a UK Postcode or the Lat/Long.

With the flexibility of Dynamic Views, mapping can be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to: Tracking Products, viewing and comparing delivery routes, showing client locations or even to be used as a filter on a dataset, which can enable quick drilldowns into various production sites.

Advanced Prediction

Using EnhancedBI’s advanced prediction engine it is easy to plan for the future, this may be anything from predicting how a fuel price change might affect your business to forecasting seasonal busy periods so you don’t get caught off guard.