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About Us

Welcome to EBI Software

We understand how fast IT products can move, especially in Business Intelligence. 

Our experienced technical team support our customers as and when required along with making sure the product is up to date with the latest functions and technology. 

This allows our customers to be ahead of the game with a competitive edge.

Our History

Since 2001, EBI Software has been providing Business Intelligence solutions, helping bridge the gap between many corporate applications, bringing up to date and meaningful reports at a convenient time for you.

EnhancedBI is simple to use with many different delivery formats to suit any level of  user. It is very secure yet flexible to meet individual scheduling requirements.

We have a friendly, can do approach to solutions making sure that our customers are core to our business.

Our customers use EnhancedBI to see all aspects of their business performance at any time. If you would like the same, then just contact us today to see if we can help you better visualise your information!

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