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EBI Software Limited, University of Warwick, Enterprise Park, Warwick HRI, Wellesbourne, Warwick, United Kingdom, CV35 9EF

Welcome to EBI Software

We understand how fast IT products can move, especially in Business intelligence, hence we have a very experienced technical team who support our customers as and when they require it, alongside developing the product.  We are also constantly updating our products to provide the latest developments in technology and functionality. Which in turn provides our customers with a constantly improving competitive edge.

Our History

Since 2001 EBI have been providing reporting and Business Intelligence solutions around the world with 1000’s of customers benefiting from the advanced technology provided by the EBI platform (EnhancedBI).

EnhancedBI bridges the gap between all corporate applications to bring together meaningful and up to date reports and visualisations at a convenient time for your organisation.

EnhancedBI is invaluable for all parts of the business, delivering timely, relevant information within different access levels to all company users eg: director, management and executive teams.

EnhancedBI is simple to use with many different delivery formats to suit the individual user.  These are presented on your HomeScreen as Tiles containing – KPI’s, drilldowns straight into a chart, on both PC and mobile devices – and now Dynamic Views which provide an up-to-date immediate and  user-customisable view of your business information.

EnhancedBI is very secure yet flexible enough to meet your scheduling requirements in the format and time you would like to see your information.

Our customers are core to our business, so we offer training and support to enable them to get the very best out of the product.

We look forward to helping you see your history, and enabling you to plan the future of your organisation through Information!

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