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SMART UI - Membership and Loyalty

The EBI SMART User Interface is the easy way to manage your membership or loyalty program.

It is specifically designed to integrate with all of your business’s software systems. 

Taking data, from each system, SMART UI presents accurate business information and delivers a single source of truth through its easy to read Dynamic Views. 

It’s more than just reporting on productivity and sales. 

It’s more than just managing cash flow and expenditure. 

It’s about understanding the detail of a business and how it’s run on a daily basis.

Helping you with actionable insights to run it better.

Easy To Read Dynamic Views

SMART UI puts an end to the complexities of collecting data from multiple software applications and analysing financial and operational information. 

Pre-built reports get you started immediately with one easy to read customisable Dynamic View. 

What makes a SMART Dashboard?

  • Specific and detailed data easily accessed with data drill-down. 
  • Measurable budgets are set. 
  • Attainable targets and goals are scheduled in. 
  • Realistic position of your business. through accurate reporting. 
  • Timely reporting with scheduled data routines keep you up-to-date and informed. 

SMART UI is a powerful tool that helps delivers growth and efficiency to any membership based business. 


What can a Dynamic View Tell Me?

Focusing on our established SMART UI Bingo Modules: 

  • Admissions Live / Weekly / Monthly / YTD / Predictive Forecast for the days ahead. 
  • Bingo Data EBT Key Metrics / MCB / Transactions / Values & Sessions 
  • Customer Liabilities / Analysis by date & spend / Prizes / Deposit variances 
  • Machine Collections / F&B / P&L / EBITDA 

 All your data in to one place makes it easier to establish fact from fiction. 

Predictive Forecasting helping you plan effectively for measurable results.  

Why Choose SMART UI?

EBI Software’s SMART UI is specifically designed for businesses who operate membership software to record attendances and drive promotional campaigns.

It works equally as well for businesses operating customer loyalty software.

SMART UI presents accurate data from your systems and enables decision makers to compare data across multiple locations with ease. 

Information is secured for authorised access only.  It’s audited and provides compliance with GDPR responsibilities and data security. 

SMART UI is the only Membership Reporting Tool to combine both financial and operational data from all business software applications in to one truly independent Business Information System. 


SMART UI In The Press

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