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Scheduled Tasks and Deleted Users….

We have added a feature that, if you delete User Account which has active schedules (you may not be aware that these exist) this account is now set to ‘Dormant’ and the schedules are not deleted. This means that you can ‘tidy up your users’ but still have all of your reporting, e-mailing and dashboards…
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Hide Totals in Table Visuals

Hiding Totals in Table Visuals

We have added the option to hide the totals row in Table Visuals. Normally, if a column is numeric, the default display is to show the column total at the foot of the Table Visual. However, sometimes having totals displayed may not be useful as the line information is the key data item. So we…
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Hide Matrix Visual Column

Hide Column in Matrix Visual

The Matrix Visual provides a method of enabling visualisation of comparisons, patterns, and trends in your data. We have added the option to hide columns in Matrix Visuals (This option is useful when you want to sort the matrix data by a given field without displaying this field)  

Card Rounding

Dynamic Views – Rounding in Card Visuals

We have added optional rounding to Card Visuals as you can see here selecting the Round checkbox in the properties will result in the card displaying a rounded number – which can imprive the initial ‘read’ of the Dynamic View and give you a far better ‘First Glance Comparison’

CF - Whole Number Data Type

New Data Type in Computed Fields

We have added the “whole number” data type to Computed fields in Dictionaries/EPs/Views Thie enables you to sepcify a whole number (useful where the data source has whole numbers stored in different field types

Colour Matrix Visual

Cell colours show the way

Sometimes, highlighting data in a relevant colour is all it takes to draw your eye. With our Matrix Visual, as you can see, we can change the colour in any cell according to the data values. So, how would you use this Visual in your business ?  

The Crown at Benson

EBI Planning Meeting at The Crown at Benson

Tony and Chris had a planning meeting yesterday at one of the Hook Norton Pubs – The Crown at Benson. Great meeting, and Miles (the Landlord) runs a great pub, good food and of course award winning Hook Norton beers… Hook Norton are one of our long standing Business Intelligence customers, and we also look…
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Hide Table Column

Hide Table Columns

We have added the option to hide columns in Table Visuals This can be useful if you have columns in the table visual which you require for the sorting and data, but do not require to be seen

Hide Read Only DV

Hide a Dynamic View Page

We have added the option to make a Dynamic View page hidden in Read-only mode Whilst this may sound counter-intuitive, it can be useful where you have slicers with controlling selections that you wish to hide from some users.

Table Relationship assistance

we have added a warning message when a user seems to be leaving the Edit Relations page in EP Designer in the middle of defining a relation This will reduce the issues where the relationship definition is not saved