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EBI Backup Updates

The latest version of EBI has been released. We have updated the backup routines to reduce the disk space taken on the source (Client) server We have also enhanced the Slicer Visuals on mobile devices so that they are better presented

EBI Update to the Matrix Visual

The latest version of EnhancedBI been released. This extends the limit on the amount of data a Matrix Visual can display – we have found that our customers are bringing larger data sets into the Smart Tables and this has meant that the Matrix Visual also had to cater for these data sets. This is…
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Enhancement to the Dynamic View Charts in EBI-Notify

We have just updated the Dynamic View charts feed to EBI Notify – so this means that you really can access your reports, data and charts wherever you are – as long as you have EBI-Notify….    

EBI – Chart Updates

The latest update to EnhancedBI is available now, and will be automatically installed. The changes are: – added the ability for Chart Visuals to have up to 4 Y-Axes, or no Y-Axes at all – added the ability to define the placement and title of Y-Axes in Chart Visuals – added the ability to define…
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EBI-Notify Image Updates

We have added the ability to automatically send an image (Dynamic View, Customer Logo) to the EBI-Notify app. this will enable you to receive images of charts and graphs, and also to, segregate data by logo (location, manufacturer, customer). EBI-Notify provides accurate and up-to-date management information to hand whenever, and wherever you are.