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Enhanced Business Information

SmartUI – App automation update

The latest version of EnhncedBI (Smart UI) has been released. The changes are: – added the “allow usage in Dictionaries” option to Table Visuals – added confirmation message shown when closing the browser while running an EP or LP within the EP/LP Designer or the User Process panel The new Table Visual feature enables you…
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EBI’s Smart-Ui Updates

The latest version of EBI’s Smart-Ui  has been released. The changes are: – Added a static HomeScreen Group called “New Tiles” for storing newly pinned tiles – this will make it easier to see which are the new tiles, before allocating to the correct HomeScreen Group – Added a page number indicator to Table Visuals…
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Smart-UI Dynamic View Updates

The latest version of EBI’s Smart-UI has the following changes: – added the ability to edit dates with time in the Smart Table editor – enhanced date handling with time in the Table, Slicer and Chart Visuals – enhanced the functionality of expanding Date-based rows in Matrix Visuals – enhancd the localisation of date display…
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EnhancedBI Update

The latest version of EBI has the following changes: – Enhanced the exporting the contents of a Smart Table to an .XOB file to accomodate ST’s with a large number of fields – Enhanced the detection of the IIS Static Content feature where it is missing from an installation – Enhanced the recreating of LP…
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EnhancedBI Update

The latest version of EnhancedBI changes the table locking process when an EP exports to SQL Server and has the “Replace the data in the existing table” option set. This new update will speed up the key release.

SMARTUI Pack Update

The latest version of EnhancedBI has been released, this updates the ‘Pack Delivery’ and adds the ability to update an installed Dynamic View pack without losing security settings, HomeScreen tiles, mobile access or schedules. This assists our customers and agents where they centrally create/manage the Dynamic View packs and deliver these to multiple users/locations. This…
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Smart Table Speed Increase

The latest version of EnhancedBI has been released. The change is to reduce the time taken to repace the Smart Table where there are large data sets involved.

Export to SharePoint

The latest version of EnhancedBI has been released. This adds an LP step to send files to SharePoint, the LP step is detailed below: This follows in from our OneDrive LP Step enhancement, and now provides to our customers the choices as to where they store their files and workbooks.  

Smart UI Import/Export Updates

The latest version of EBI’s Smart-UI  has been released. We have enhanced the Import/Export routine to resolve conflicts by renaming imported objects. This is mainly aimed at our customers who have Modules from us which deliver application database specific dashboards and Dynamic Views – for example – SAP, Maxim, Orion and  Prof-IT. If a previous…
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Smart UI and AWS uploads

The Latest version of EBI’s SmartUI has been released. This includes the ability to use Key File Access in the “Send a file with FTP” LP step. THis enables our customers to send a file using an SSH Key to rheir AWS server. The System Process setup is detailed below: