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New Year, New Updates !!

New Year, New Updates !!

The latest Updates to EnhancedBI have been released.

The changes are:

– Added the Dictionary column to the Export Objects screen

– Added live LP execution details to the Maintain Schedules screen

– Added current progress of running scheduled LPs to the Maintain Schedules screen

– Added the ability to stop an in-progress LP from within the Maintain Schedules screen

– Added filtering to the grid on the Maintain Schedules screen

– Enhanced the Smart Table Editor to enable the deletion of large numbers of records from a Smart Table faster

– Enhanced the Computed Field formula validation to cater for null fields

– Fixed the issue with calculating “Percent of grand total” and “Percent of column total” figures in Matrix Visuals

– Enhanced the import routies to enable importing LPs containing attachments in the “Send Email” LP steps

– Fixed the issue with the SQL generation routine when table/column description ends with a square bracket in SQL Server-based EPs

– Fixed the issue with Preview changing the order of Advanced Criteria in EP Designer

– Enhanced the Maintain Schedules screen to show output of past executions in a popup window

– Enhanced the loading speed of Home Screen