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Latest EnhancedBI Version is released

Latest EnhancedBI Version is released

The latest version of EnhancedBI has been released.

The changes are:

– Added the ability to toggle the final total row in Matrix Visuals.

– Added the ability for non-owners of a DV to see which other users have access to this DV.

– Enhanced the DV display to non-owners to enable them to see the original names of renamed tables/columns in a DV.

– Enhanced the Search Visual date format.

– Enhanced the Search Visual to enable decimal fields in some scenarios.

– Enhanced the LP area to enable the opening and running of an LP which contains an EP that the user doesn’t have access to.

– Emhanced the LP area to speed up the propagation of the new name of a renamed EP to the names of LP steps representing this EP.

– Enhanced the grid sorting indicator to cater for text where there are narrow columns.

– Enhanced the EP area to speed up the marking of an EP column as “group by” when being switched from excluded to selected in some scenarios.