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EBI-Notify -Image Baskets ….

EBI-Notify -Image Baskets ….

We have just added some security updates to both the Image Baskets (neat title we think) and Smart Tables

– You can create an LP which makes use of Image Baskets owned by users other than the owner of the LP – this is great where you have a person who designs EP’s and LP’s and then assigns security to other users who can then use this feature to add their images to make the whole process simpler (and faster) without going back to the original designer

– We have also adjusted the security on an EP (as long as the owner of the EP can populate a given Smart Table) to enable the EP to populate a Smart Table. This means that, again, the owner of the EP can assign security to other iusers who can then (without changing the EP) populate Smart Tables.

Both of these changes make the deployment of Dynamic Views and EBI-Notify messages and images much easier.