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EnhancedBI Updates

EnhancedBI Updates

The latest version of EnhancedBI has been released.

The changes are:

– Amended the User Process to enable EP’s being executed from within the User Process with some Runtime Variables skipped

– Updated the Dictionary Wizard so that where table/column descriptions in the underlying database have changed and you choose to save the dictionary with “Skip conflicts” selected, the dictionary will now rename table or column descriptions where there are duplications to ensure unqueness and allow you to update the Dictionary.

Some notes on the ‘Skip Confilcts’ Feature.
Normally you would not update a Dictionary if a table/column which is used in EPs or Views is missing from the DSN, however, if you know that you have EP’s and Views which use old tables/coumns that no longer exist, then the ‘skip conflicts feature comes in handy if you don’t want to spend time on cleaning the Dictionary, redesigning the old EPs/Views which are probably not used anymore. You just want to edit the Dictionary by adding some new tables/columns, and you don’t insist on all the tables/columns of the Dictionary being operational.
It is always recommended that you remove any old EP’s and Views that are no longer used….