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EnhancedBI Updates

A new version of EnhancedBI has been released. The changes are: – Enhanced the Dictionary Wizard to increase speed on dictionary updates and changes.

Now You Can Measure It – So Now You Can Manage It

As we shared yesterday – we had been working on the Contingency Planning Module. This was created through SMART UI. We spent time, as a team working, remotely of course, reviewing and testing the Dynamic View against our test system, and then uploaded this to our Customers’ SMART UI software. A brief conference call later…
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The latest version of SMART UI has been released. The changes are: – added the “exclude mode” icon to Slicer Visuals – this provides for a visual cue if a slicer is in exclude mode (there is also a ‘ToolTip’ if you hover the mouse over the icon) – added the ability to include the…
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If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

After having many calls with industry colleagues over recent days, we at EBI got to work over on something new.  We’ve gathered our thoughts and focussed our efforts towards developing a new feature for our SMART UI software.  This new feature is a Contingency Planning Module.  It’s designed to help our SMART UI Bingo Customers…
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EBI Support

During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, all of us here at EBI are concerned about the safety and well-being of our families, employees, customers and partners. We hope that you, and your families are keeping well through this. This e-mail is to provide you with more information as to how we are securing our business,…
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EnhancedB I – Virtual DSN Update

The latest version of EnhancedBI has been released. It contains the ability to create Virtual DSNs against MS Excel files, MS Access files and MS SQL Server databases This will shorten the time taken to create DSN’s for these data sources, this is also useful for bringing data into Smart Tables. This new feature can…
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EnhancedBI – latest updates

The latest version of EnhancedBI has been released. – We have enhanced the ‘Export to Excel’ from an EP to read-only Excel files without losing the read-only flag – We have added a feature to the Smart Column metadata to being set to “replace” when the Smart Table is not used in any DV –…
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EnhancedBI V

The latest version of EnhancedBI has been released. We have made enhancements to the Schedules, Smart Tables and FTP functionality Schedules – added a configuration option to newly-created LP schedules to automatically set the ‘running’ identifier on the Homescreen tile (Yellow, Red and Green dot) The yellow dot means that: someone else is running this…
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EnhancedBI – V

The latest version of EnhnancedBI has been released. This introduces a number of new additons and also a fix rollup The additions are: – added the ability to list the Objects which populate and use a given Smart Table – this enables you to locate the data source – added the ability to display percentages…
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