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Latest Updates to EnhancedBI

We have released the latest updates for EnhancedBI. The changes are: – added the ability for Map Visuals to work with Regions rather than Points – added the ability to have no Smart Table selected in the “Send messages to EBI Notify” LP step – added a search box to the Import Variables screen –…
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Latest Update to EnhancedBI

A new version of EhnancedBI has been released. The changes are: – added the ability to use yesterday’s date in the “Rename format” fields of LP steps – added the ability to use yesterday’s date in the “Subject” and “Message” fields of the “Send mail” LP step These enable the running of an LP after…
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EBI Runtime Variable Updates

The latest update for EnhancedBI have been released. The changes are: – added the ability to use values of Runtime Variables in the “Rename format” field of the “Send a file to SharePoint” LP step – enhanced the listing of available Runtime Variables in non-EP LP steps when the LP is being edited by a…
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How to Quickly Deliver Dynamic Views across your Business

Dynamic Views are designed to deliver a fast and accurate way to visualise information and provide the team with a method of easily drilling into the data. We have enhanced the Dynamic View (DV) security to enable the creator/owner of the Dynamic View to quickly and securely deliver the DV across the business. In the…
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EBI Dynamic View – Pivot Tables Developments

The latest version of EBI has a number of enhancements to the Dynamic View Visuals The changes are: – added the ability to expand Matrix Visuals horizontally to fit the available space – added the ability to toggle row striping in Matrix Visuals – added the ability to display negative values in red in Matrix…
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EnhancedBI on your Phone

For those ‘out of the office’ moments stay connected to your important insights through EBI-Mobile