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Enhanced Business Information

Bespoke Business Intelligence Solutions

Since 2001, EBI Software have been providing businesses with bespoke business intelligence solutions that suit their needs. Our customers around the world have been able to benefit from using our versatile, easy to use tool: EnhancedBI.

Predict Your Future!

  • Our Advanced Machine Learning Prediction models allow for quick and easy predictions based on your historical data.
  • Quickly analyse trends and patterns in your business.

What We Do

Membership solutions tailored to your needs.
Membership Made Easy
Track what your members are doing and help to streamline your business to it's individual needs.
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EBI Academy
Train Anywhere and at any time of your choosing.
EBI Academy
The EBI Online academy is our online training tool for all things EnhancedBI.
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Watch over your industrial processes, from start to finish.
From Manufacturing to Packaging and Distribution, EnhancedBI keeps you informed every step of the way.
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Simplify your finances and budget using EnhanceBI.
Our advanced sheduling system allows reports to be run ahead of time that that information is ready for when you need it.
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Our S.M.A.R.T User Interface helps you to stay on target.
Create stunning visuals which make keeping on track for your targets a quick and easy process.
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Scheduling, Timetables and Staff Management
Time and Attendance
EnhancedBI can connect with scheduling software such as RotaCloud to ensure staff management is kept as easy as possible.
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Streamline your processes and systems.
From simplifying delivery routes to ensuring goods arrive on time, EnhancedBI helps keep you on track.
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EBI Membership

  • SMART UI boasts fully functional MAXIM and ORION Membership Modules. 
  • Our out-of-the-box Dynamic Views deliver immediate business benefits. 
  • Compatibility with Accounting software; SAGE, SAP Business One and Access Dimensions deliver even more immediate added value. 
  • Compare data across multiple locations to monitor business performance. 
  • Predictive Forecasting algorithms assist budgeting and resource planning. 
  • SMART UI is secure and supports your GDPR responsibilities. 

SMART Data and Machine Learning

Our Predictive Forecasting Module is versatile and easy to use. 

With a range of uses including accurate predictions for attendance and revenues. 

And can be used for predicting budgets and also fraud detection. 

Customer Testimonials

Stanley Security Solutions
“Since we adopted EnhancedBI we have installed it in most of our 100 plus customers and even started selling to new customers who may have no interest in our ERP applications. Now we focus on the distribution and manufacturing functions in our ERP software and leave the reporting tools to the experts, EBI Software!”
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American & Efird
“EnhancedBI is part of the IT system in our European headquarters in Slovenia. This allows up to the minute reports on all aspects of the business at the push of a button. EnhancedBI provides all the scheduled production reports for our management team automatically and efficiently”
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Albert Jagger
“EnhancedBI enables us to produce both ad-hoc as well as over 60 scheduled management reports – which cover all areas of the business. It helped streamline the month end process. Our Service Centre uses an Oracle database to look after customer service. With EnhancedBI it is so easy to combine data from both the Oracle and the i-Series databases”
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“EnhancedBI has been an integral part of our ERP solution and is classed as a module in its own right. With scheduled reports, daily, weekly and monthly it has provided significant results in producing our KPI (key business performance indicators). This has allowed us as a management team of; Directors and Senior Managers, to receive information on customer and product trends enabling us to make key strategic decisions affecting our business in the shortest time frame possible.”
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