Customer Day 2019

The annual EBI customer day: exciting product announcements, new feature discussions, showcases and training


Ask any of our customers and they will tell you that we develop our product around their requirements as well as ensuring that it is always at the forefront of Business Intelligence best practices and developments. These dual strands enable us to grow EnhancedBI into the powerhouse data tool it is today.. As part of our commitment to this we hold an annual Customer Day to announce new features, provide free training, take in feedback and enable networking with our other clients.

Over the years, we have developed EnhancedBI to facilitate the delivery of all of your information needs, and this year we are announcing the Advanced Prediction function.

In overview, the EBI Advanced Prediction is a machine learning environment which works over Statistical Models to provide results based on actual data and forecast trends.

There are 5 main types of Statistical Models in the Advanced Prediction function:

  1. Binary (for example – predicting if credit card transaction is a fraud or not)
  2. Multiclass (for example – Which category of products is most interesting to a  customer)
  3. Clustering (for example – Categorizing inventory based on manufacturing metrics)
  4. Regression
    1. Prediction (for example – predicting the fare of a taxi trip (based on trip distance, trip time, passenger count, payment type)
    2. Forecasting (for example – time based sales forecasting per product)

We will be running a special workshop on this feature as well as other workshops on Dynamic Views, Smart tables and the new Matrix Visual.


Customer Day Itinerary:

10:00am  Welcome and coffee

10:30am  EnhancedBI Recap and Updates

11:00am  EBI Academy Updates and overview

11:30am  Tea

12:00pm  EBI Machine Learning (ML) Overview demonstration

12:30pm  Lunch and networking

1:30pm  Technical Workshop (ML, Prediction, Dynamic Views and Smart Tables)

2:00pm  Tea

2:30pm  Technical Workshop (ML, Prediction, Dynamic Views and Smart Tables)

4:30 pm End


Hoping to see you all here for our best event yet!
Chris Cowan
Managing Director

Where and When?

Wednesday 12th June:

Coventry Road

The NCC is located on Junction 6 of the M42. This junction is also just off the A45 Coventry Road. Simply follow signs to the National Motorcycle Museum on all approaching routes.

Car parking – As you turn into the site, there is a large car park, park anywhere and come into the main building. There is a reception desk there.

Thursday 13th June:
BJ’s Bingo
Ellesmere Street
Greater Manchester

The event is being held in the Boardroom.

Car parking – anywhere in the car park – to get to the Boardroom, just come into reception and they will direct you.